My daddy is great !!.

How a (son/daughter) thinks at different ages :

At 4 Years- My daddy is great.

At 6 years- My daddy knows everybody.

At 10 years- My daddy is good but is short tempered.

At 12 years- My daddy was very nice to me when I was young.

At 14 years- My daddy is getting fastidious.

At 16 years- My daddy is not line with the current times.

At 18 years- My daddy is becoming increasingly cranky.

At 20 years- Oh! Its becoming difficult to tolerate daddy. Wonder how Mother puts up with him.

At 25 years- Daddy is objecting to everything.

At 30 years- It’s becoming difficult to manage my son. I was so scared of my father when I was young.

At 40 years- Daddy brought me up with so much discipline. Even I should do the same.

At 45 years- I am baffled as to how my daddy brought us up.

At 50 years- My daddy faced so many hardships to bring us up.I am unable to manage a single son.

At 55 years- My daddy was so far sighted and planned so many things for us. He is one of his kind and unique.

At 60 years- My daddy is great.

Thus, it took 56 years to complete
the cycle and come back to the 1st !

ما اعرف اذا اضحك ولا اصيح لاني ما فهمت شيء غير دادي
وقريت والاعمار 🙁
my daddy is great when he chatting with me about himself

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