خليجية To be loved is one thing, to love is another thing but to be loved by the one you love… is everything!

You are the answer to every prayer I’ve offered. You are a song, a dream, a whisper and I don’t know how I’ve lived for as long as I have… without you.

Love matches are made by people who are content, for a month of honey, to condemn themselves to a life of vinegar.

Love is said to be blind but I know some fellows in love who can see twice as much in their sweethearts as I do.

Bset wish

love is the most beautiful feeling in our lives

Gone with the wind
.Love is like the water of the sea ,always flowing moving free
.it doesn’t make u feel how u wish it did
.sometimes, love is gone with the can happened as fast as fire
.your heart can fill with warmth and desire
.one day you can link your eyes and the love you once felt so strong now dies

لو ترمسون عربي وايد احسن ….. ولد العين درامووو سبونا

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