Describe picture

Good evening every body

Today I’m coming with a great idea; the purpose of this idea is to make all members to talk in English

My idea is
I will put one picture then all themembers must describe in one sentence at least about the picture

Are you ready??


The first picture is


[blink]I’m coming soon[/blink]

please speak in Arabic<<
Because I don’t like speak English very much>>>
Thank you for this Picture

الله يسلمج أنا حاطه الصورة عشان الكل يعلق عليها بالانجليزي، برايه نخطأ في الكتابة أهم شي إنا نحاول نتكلم ونعبر بالانجليزي.

تكلمي عن أي شيء يخطر على بالج بمجرد إنج شفتي هذي الصورة
توصفين الناس.. أو تتكلمين عن حديقة الحيوانات إلا هم زايرينها.. أو الناس شو قاعدين يسوون في الصورة.. أي شي المهم يكون تعليق بسيط…

وأنتظر تعليقج وتعليق باقي الأعضاء

ومشكورة على المرور

[blink]ولي عودة[/blink]

Don’t be shy, try to describe anything

I will describe first Ok


I can see in this picture
many people some of them are fat and other are thin

I think there are more than one families

in my opinion they are visiting the zoo or park because they want to enjoy their time and have a fun

The children are very hapy and they like aolt visiting the park

out of this subject
I’m very wonderd about you don’t share with me in this game!!!!!!
Are you don’t like the idea of this game??
or you find difficult to discuss in english!!!!!!!!!

remember if you don’t try you will not learn anything are you listen my anything
I’m trying to improve my language with you , but you don’t help me

there are many people who like to go to the zoo to know about animal life.

it’s ok ????????? or you want more one sentense

[align=center][grade="8B0000 C0C0C0 8B0000 C0C0C0"]
AL hayah
you is very well in describe
good luck

i will describe one sentence because you order that….

in the zoo .. there are many kind of trees..

thank you ..[/grade][/align]

[align=left]Al hayah ..

I think its a very nice idea .. for improving your english and others as well .. go ahead dear .. and dont give up خليجية.. I will try too to come up with another idea that might attract other members to share in "speaking english"[/align]

well its a very nice idea about improving ur english and i can say that
i see…………
1 many trees

2 many people

3 kids

4 females

5 mothers

6 daughters

7 sons

8 garden

9 zoo

and many much more things thanks………………….. alhayaaaaaah

Now I’m happyخليجية

Thank you for every body who shares with me in this game

Yes,I know you can speak English , but you want some bower to speak^_^

هنوووف المزيون
اي نعم قطريه
أم سلوم

Thank you very mach

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